Monday, June 10, 2013

Notion of NSA backdoors was silly, but there is apparently a real spy scandal

On second thought, it seems unlikely that the NSA would have, or need, a backdoor into the sorts of encryption available to the public. If there were one, there would always be the possibility that hackers would find it, and let the world know. As I've indicated, it appears that it has alternate methods of gaining access to the unencrypted versions, and if there were a backdoor, and it became common knowledge, it would be very bad for them.

However, I can't deny that I've recently witnessed evidence that SOMEONE with the ability to control which pages of a book are available on Google Books removed a page from which I had made a partial screen-grab from the list of pages made available online, and within minutes after I had done so. This implies that SOMEONE was watching my screen, and knew what I was doing, because there is no other way that they would have known that I had taken a screen-grab. I seriously doubt that it was just a coincidence. To me, this, and not phone metadata logging, is an aspect of the real scandal.