Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Poll: Should evil reign?

Those who read my blog might be appalled at my blasé attitude toward the recent exposure of the NSA's phone-metadata logging program.  Well, suppose that the exposure and furor leads to its termination, or apparent termination. How can we know that it's actually been terminated? "Our" government demolished the WTC with thousands of people inside, and then launched the reign of terror known as "the war on terror," based on the gargantuan lie that some religious zealots on the other side of the planet were behind it. Now, on any given day, the Satanic government they installed in Iraq massacres scores of Iraqis via terrorist attacks of various sorts (typically anonymous bombings), and chalks it up to "sectarian" violence. (What "sect?") Nobody has been held accountable for this war-crime spree.

The "FBI" recently announced a phase change in the "war on terror" (the NSA scandal might be part of the new phase) by bombing the Boston marathon, and then pinned their crime on a couple of patsies. The NSA scandal might be part of this new phase, which seems to be intended to make us feel insecure.

So, when July 4th rolls around, we might be feeling like we've won our independence all over again, because Congress tells us that Prism has been terminated, but many of us won't be able to afford the traditional barbecue, the home where the barbecue would be held, or the car or gas to attend a fireworks display. Poll after poll shows that the people want the government to stop bleeding us white to pay bankers' gambling debts (i.e. to pump money into organized Satanism's war on free will), but it hasn't done so. Meanwhile, the media which jumped on the Snowden bandwagon is doing a very good job of concealing this fact, although LaRouche has made it abundantly clear that it continues. So, any victory over the NSA would likely be just a means of lulling us into a false sense of security on the road to the slaughter, for which organized Satanism has been arming itself to the teeth without background checks as it creates enclaves for itself in rural areas. (Look to Iraq for our future.) Do you think it's going to stop using every spy tool at its disposal just because we don't like it? Get real!