Saturday, June 8, 2013

Santa Monica shooting rampage: motive might not have been human

The shooting rampage that left five people dead in Santa Monica on Friday was premeditated, and the gunman had more than than 1,300 rounds of ammunition with him during the attack, police said Saturday.
from Santa Monica shooting was premeditated, police say

Whenever someone does something monstrous and wild like this, without regard for his own life and an apparent contempt for humans in general, I suspect that the Spirits of Darkness egged him on, which Rudolf Steiner indicated is something they do. The problem is that it can't be proven, because there's always some explanation in terms of the shooter's personal motives, although whether they could drive someone to do such a thing is ultimately a matter of opinion. But they do have the capability to insinuate will-impulses, which override thoughts and feelings, meaning that they have the ability to turn people into their puppets.  It's just a matter of how badly they want to use someone, although it helps if the person is already leaning in that direction, or if they have an impaired mind or will.

What I find so interesting about these attacks is how they're orchestrated to occur when the furor from previous such rampages has faded away, and the shooters always seem to know that nobody in the area is going to shoot back. It's just eerie.