Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Satanism's big lies require perpetual "maintenance" (revised)

In a previous post, I mentioned that Unsealed: Alien Files is a litany of lies.  More recently, it occurred to me that the main purpose of the show is to repeat these lies in order to keep them "real."  By "keeping the 'real,'" I mean to bring them to the attention of people who have yet to consider them, to confuse them and hopefully lead them to false conclusions. This is largely a function of the Spirits of Darkness which were "cast down to Earth" (relegated to Earth's etheric realm, where they take the unnatural spiritual form of the Dragon, since they are "alien" to the spatial realm, i.e., "space aliens"). It was shortly after they were cast down to Earth that Satanism launched a mass-recruitment campaign and sprouted fronts of a wide variety, beginning with the Isis-Urania Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the original "Hogwarts."

Another good example of this is how "new evidence" which supposedly supports Darwinism, despite the fact that it is impossible [1] , is presented at least weekly in the media. There are so many other facets to this practice that I could probably write a book about it, if I could write or had an editor.


[1] For example, explain how eyes would have evolved via random mutations. It's impossible.