Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Central Park Jogger Witch-Trial: A familiar theme

On April 17, 1989, a woman was practicing tai chi in New York's Central Park, when a man sexually assaulted her. The rape was interrupted by a passerby who heard her yelling, but not before the woman was severely beaten to the point of requiring hospitalization. The woman gave police a detailed description of her attacker, including the fact that he had fresh stitches on his chin. Checking local hospitals, a detective found a match to an 18-year-old Puerto Rican man who worked nearby.

Mysteriously, the man was never questioned. The victim left town, the detective was transferred out of the sex crimes unit, and the case was closed as unsolved.
While police knew that Matias Reyes was slashing and raping women around Manhattan's East Side during 1988 and 1989, there was one case they didn't think to link him to. That was the assault on Trisha Meili on April 19, 1989, as she was jogging in Central Park -- an assault that would quickly rivet the world.
 And, most amazingly, a police officer who knew Reyes chatted with him as he strolled out of the park just minutes after Meili was raped and left for dead.

On his head, Reyes was wearing the victim’s distinctive headphones.

Reyes left his DNA behind. But police never thought to compare it to him. Not until more than a decade later, after he voluntarily confessed.
from Damning reconstruction of notorious false confession case
This claim notwithstanding, no indictments, convictions or disciplinary actions were ever taken against District Attorney's office staff members. ALL OF THE DEFENDANTS HAD COMPLETED THEIR PRISON SENTENCES AT THE TIME OF TEJADA'S ORDER, WHICH ONLY HAD THE EFFECT OF CLEARING THEIR NAMES.
In 2003, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana Jr., and Antron McCray sued the city for malicious prosecution, racial discrimination and emotional distress. AS OF EARLY 2013, THE SUIT IS YET TO BE SETTLED. [25][26] [27] THE CITY IS REFUSING TO SETTLE THE SUITS, CITING "THE CONFESSIONS THAT WITHSTOOD INTENSE SCRUTINY, IN FULL AND FAIR PRETRIAL HEARINGS AND AT TWO LENGTHY PUBLIC TRIALS".
from Wikipedia entry on Central Park Jogger case

So how do they explain Tejada's order?

We're supposed to believe that the psychopath (or worse) Reyes developed a conscience in prison, and thus confessed to the crime just before the Central Park Five were due to be released. But it looks to me that his role in the Central Park Jogger attack was concealed in order to conduct yet another "witch trial," i.e. a trial run by witches as a means of practicing their religion. (Reyes was apparently locked up because they could no longer deny that he was a serial rapist.) Then, when their jail sentences were almost up, they had Reyes confess in order to further torment the CP5. Even now that nobody in their right mind would deny that Reyes was behind the CPJ attack, the railroad crew has not stopped their big-lie campaign of psywar against the CP5. They have no souls, and they're probably proud of it.