Sunday, June 2, 2013

"War on terror" as a means of imposing human destiny

Barack Obama ... has arrogated to himself the right to kill at will, anywhere on the globe, accountable only to himself, based on secret information and classified legal rationales, [and] now says he is determined that Washington’s “perpetual war” must one day end – sometime in the misty future after he is long gone from office. He informed his global audience of potential victims that he had signed a secret agreement (with himself?) that would limit drone strikes to targets that pose “a continuing, imminent threat to Americans” and cannot be captured – a policy that his White House has always claimed (falsely) to be operative. He promises to be more merciful than before, “haunted” as he is by all the nameless deaths, although he admits to having done no wrong.
he redefined the U.S. war on terror out of existence (in perpetuity) by breaking the conflict down to its daily, constituent parts, while simultaneously affirming that America will soon travel “beyond Afghanistan” despite the fact that many thousands of Special Operations troops will continue their round the clock raids in the countryside while drones rain death from the skies for the foreseeable future.
 He is also the arbiter of who is to be detained in perpetuity, without trial or (public) charge, for “association” with “terrorists” as defined by himself. He has no apologies for that.
America must turn the page on the previous era, because “the threat has shifted and evolved from the one that came to our shores on 9/11.”
Obama’s blanket interpretation of AMUF – the legal logic - had previously been considered a state secret. It was news to much of the U.S. Senate, too, until assistant secretary of defense Michael Sheehan, in charge of special operations (death squads) at the Pentagon, told lawmakers earlier this month that the AMUF allows Obama to put “boots on the ground” anywhere he chooses, including “Yemen or the Congo,” if his classified logic compelled him to do so.

from Perpetual War – and Obama’s Perpetual Con Game

Yours truly, a "paranoid moron," asserted from the beginning of the "war on terror" that it is actually a war on civilization and mankind. However, I didn't state explicitly until recently that by "mankind," I meant the current sub-races of the Aryan root-race, to which the vast majority of modern mankind belongs. Evolution proceeds, and the outmoded sub-races must be phased out to make way for the new. Due to our current state of consciousness, which is a combination of rational and materialistic, this transition will be one of the more difficult, because we feel that death is oblivion. In fact, it is a "birth" into the spiritual world, and is afterward perceived as a victory for the spirit. (On the other hand, there are penalties in the next world for suicide, so there's no easy escape. But I suppose the penalty depends on various factors. The penalties don't include eternal torture, although they might seem like it.) 

So, certain aspects of the "war on terror" are necessary, even though it's being sold with lies. My concerns are that it includes preparations for turning the human race into a truly mindless slave race, and that it's being portrayed in some circles as the sum total of the Apocalypse in order to con us into accepting Satan's kingdom on Earth as Christ's supposed Earthly kingdom, which will take place in the distant future when the Sun recombines with Earth. But before that happens, the Moon will recombine with Earth (it does seem to be getting brighter), and this will correspond to a reign of evil, although we will be able to handle it better that we currently are.