Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why doesn't Amazon tell us the truth about the size of Cloud Reader's downloads?

Note: If you sign out of Kindle Cloud Reader, all downloaded Kindle BOOKS are removed from your computer. You must sign in again and download the titles from the Cloud to Kindle Cloud Reader again.
from Amazon Cloud Reader's Buy, Download & Send page [emphasis added]

Various people have discovered that Kindle Cloud Reader is a straight HTML5 app and that the server sends it unencrypted content A CHAPTER AT A TIME. It would be fairly easy to build a program that captures the HTML and stores it locally. This would be roughly equivalent to “stream capture” for audio and video, except that the result would be a perfect browser-renderable copy of the e-book.
from Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader Lowers the Speed Bump for E-Books

As if some hacker is going to make money by selling copies of Kindle books at a flea market in China. Amazon could decrease the likelihood of anyone wanting to do this if they would let us know that the books are downloaded only one chapter at a time, and that the downloaded chapter can be read offline, although the download disappears when the reader is shut down. I was under the impression that the entire book has to be downloaded each time the reader is exited, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way around this, without crawling to Amazon or Microshaft for "help" in figuring out why Kindle For PC doesn't run on my version of Windows 7 (which is part operating system, part spyware, and part instrument of torment). Many people evidently have problems running Kindle for PC, and it has the stench of SRA all over it because neither Amazon nor Microshaft appears to be interested in providing answers or fixing the problems.

The same goes for Linux, with its built in "Security Enhancement" spyware/SRA system from the "NSA's NSA" (which the NSA wants us to believe is to protect  us from spyware) and its many supposed nifty free applications which promise the Moon but deliver nothing but frustration, unless you know the secret code, which I assume includes some combination of 6 and 11.