Monday, June 10, 2013

Without media, Snowden's claims would have gone nowhere

Leak investigators are scouring National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden's personal and professional life to try to determine if anyone helped him gather secret documents about sensitive intelligence programs before he gave them to reporters, according to people familiar with the probe.
from Investigators Pore Over NSA Leaker's Life 

Interestingly, the same media which has made such a huge deal out of this sensible data-gathering (which can be compared to Google's data-gathering used for customizing advertisements) manages to keep a lid on the actual important scandals routinely exposed by LaRouche PAC, such as the fact that bankers' gambling debts take top priority in any "bail-outs" (as if you could bail out the Titanic) or "bail-ins," which are on the horizon. So, it would seem that this "scandal" is just the latest weekly distraction from ever-grimmer reality.