Monday, July 29, 2013

Spanish train crash: More "not-terrorism?"

While police and a judge were looking into potential negligence on the part of the driver, the Public Works Ministry launched a more technical investigation. Renfe and Adif, the state track operator, began their own probes.

Investigators wanted to know why was the train going so fast? Did the driver fail to heed speed limits? Did brakes fail? What about the safety system meant to force the train or the driver to slow down if going too fast?
from Was ‘recklessness’ to blame for Spanish train crash?

I've speculated that since about the time of the Colorado theater massacre, we've entered a new phase of the "war on terror" reign of terror, characterized by "not-terrorism," i.e. terrorism disguised as something else. The recent train disaster in Spain strikes me as a candidate for this sort of incident. It's being blamed on the driver, but he would have to have been suicidal to take that curve at that speed, so I suspect that this is just a cover story, and that the real cause was a remote speed control. The driver has supposedly admitted that he's at fault, but how do we know that he really did, and if so, that he wasn't under duress?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ubuntu not found on Ubuntu servers?

I recently attempted to update my HDD installation of Ubuntu 12,04, but toward the end of the process of downloading the list of files that were required for the update, the process came to a halt, supposedly because one of the files couldn't be found on the server.  To put this in stark terms, an official server for the Ubuntu operating system, SUPPOSEDLY COULD NOT FIND UPDATES FOR UBUNTU VERSION 12.04, WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE UPGRADEABLE UNTIL 2017!  Also of interest is the fact that the DOWNLOAD PROCESS WAS INTERRUPTED NEAR THE END, AS USUAL.

Another interesting aspect of this incident is that I tried to skip over the file that was supposedly unavailable, and download the rest of the list. (I was using Wassail, which downloads lists of files - which are potentially very long - to download the approximately 400 MB update via a public library computer with a high-speed internet connection and Windows 7, which has the .NET framework which Wassail requires. Wassail allows "not found" files to be skipped so that the process can resume.)

But the download did not continue, indicating that the problem was not just a missing file, but more likely a deliberate termination of the process, perhaps via software controlled by a blacklist. (There are ways for a server to know, using secret data typically reserved for "the authorities," who is trying to download something. Look up "computer forensics.")

So, it's logical to conclude that this interruption was deliberate, and targeted at me, perhaps because I've been dragging my feet on making donations, although more likely for reasons that readers of this blog should be able to determine.

I wish I could put the administrator of the server in question on the spot on some TV show such as on ABC's The Lookout, and ask him why his server supposedly could not find the most basic of files which it's supposed to contain, and why I was unable to skip over the supposedly missing file and continue to download the rest. But of course this will never happen. Those who do such things first ensure that they can always hide behind some machine, organization, or some lame cover story.

This incident epitomizes the frustration I have experienced with using Ubuntu, and which I gather I would experience with any other variety of Linux. Every time I seek an answer to some basic question, I find little but forums which are essentially liars' clubs, pretending to try to answer questions but rarely actually doing so. I once tried to insert some useful information into one of these forums,  Even though it was on-topic and very brief, the "moderator" removed it in a matter of minutes (after a comment by some other "member" that it might not be on-topic).  So, they have trolls trolling these forums for direct answers, and then they remove them with some lame excuse.

I recommend saving your time and sanity, and getting a Chromebook for online computing (assuming you have a cable connection with virtually unlimited data, because in my experience, Chrome is a data hog of incredible proportions), or Apple. Apple systems might be expensive, but I gather that that's because they actually work without having to be tweaked by someone with a degree in Linux programming, and they don't have the ridiculous security problems which Windows has, and will evidently always have.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lie-nux: Organized Satanism's OTHER "operating system" (wink, wink)

After using Ubuntu for about a year, a pattern is becoming clear, and the pattern is one of mental abuse in the form of frustration. The final straw which triggered this entry was their refusal to allow me to download software, hidden behind a mechanical, unquestionable "file not found" message. Oddly, these files that can't be found when I go to download them were present in the repository when I generated the download script.  A little web surfing indicates that this "file not found" lie is epidemic. 

I presume that each file, such as the text file that contains the download script, contains metadata that identifies the computer hardware, and from there, the owner. Based on a little Googling, it's possible, so I just assume it's being done. Each microprocessor has a serial number, and this is associated with a certain person at the time of purchase. So, when I run the script, the operating system reads the metadata and sends it to the server along with my request for files, and from there, a blacklist program takes over and allows me to download a lot of the files, but far from the complete list of required files.

This is typical of organized Satanism, which also does such "subtle" things as cut the power to water-dispensing machines when their blatant spies call them and tell them I'm headed their way, or when I arrive at a grocery store, substitute defective items for certain things that I frequently purchase. If you have unlimited resources (including "human" resources, i.e. humanoid appendages) and no conscience, all sorts of things become possible.

Another telltale sign that Lie-nux is yet another front for organized Satanism is the BS-blizzard that swirls around it. The typical "expert advice" forum contains answers that begin with "duh, I'm not sure I understand the question [no matter how simple]," and then they proceed to give an obviously deliberate non-answer. Straight answers are assiduously hunted down and removed with some lame excuse, such as the claim that they don't directly apply.

So, if you want a computer that works without having to get a degree in programming, I'd recommend a Google Chromebook for online computing (although the Chrome browser, in my experience, is a data hog), and Apple, both of which are actually Linux-based but without the mental torture.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oops! Another "accidental" truck-sized hole in internet security

Security researchers have demonstrated a flaw in femtocells that allows them to be used for eavesdropping on cellphone, email, and internet traffic. The hack was demonstrated on Verizon hardware, and the telco giant has issued an update to patch the vulnerability, but up to 30 other network carriers use systems with software that can be hacked in the same way.
from Femtocell flaw leaves Verizon subscribers' Wi-Fi and mobile wide open

OK, now it's fixed! You can trust us, because we're the best liars.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Edward Snowden: Most heart disease is an ascorbic acid deficiency

Just kidding - the media would never report such a statement even if he said it, anyway.  They know how to keep a real secret.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Canadian train catastrophe: terrorism disguised as a screw-up? (revised)

Image: Location of Lac-Megantic, Quebec (location of runaway train catastrophe) relative to Earth Grid. (It's the white dot in the lower left.) For the significance I attach to this map, and how it was made (other than compression with jpegoptim), see Satanism and the Earth Grid.

The air brakes on the runaway oil train that devastated a Quebec town early Saturday had been disabled [supposedly unwittingly, by shutting down the locomotive's engine to put out a fire] by firefighters who were called to extinguish a blaze aboard one of the locomotives 90 minutes before the disaster, the head of the railway said Monday.
He told Reuters that firefighters had shut down the locomotive while they battled the fire, which was apparently caused by a broken oil or fuel line. But the train's crew had left the engine idling to keep the air brakes pressurized so the train wouldn't roll, said Ed Burkhardt, chairman of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway.
Burkhardt said that if the engine had been shut down, "someone should have made a report to the local railroad about that." He said the train's operator was staying at a nearby hotel.
from Brakes had been disabled in fatal oil train crash

It's still possible that this could have been deliberate - a form of "not-terrorism" [1] - and disguised as a screw-up in response to an accidental fire.  It's hard to believe that the crew would have just walked away and left volunteer firefighters in charge, or that they wouldn't have recognized the danger of leaving the brakes unpressurized at that location.

Also note that this incident occurred Saturday night, a day or so before the new Moon, when the bar was busy and the black tanker-cars would have been practically invisible unless lit by artificial ambient lighting (there were no lights on the train cars).

Another possibility is that the firefighters and crew, or key individuals among them, were influenced by the Spirits of Darkness to do what they did, so they didn't necessarily do it deliberately (although the supposedly accidental fire which started the series of events leading to the disaster, and the fact that it occurred so close to the new Moon, tend to make me doubt it). The same might be said of the train crash a few weeks earlier, also on an interesting location on the Earth Grid, in which a garbage (?) truck driver apparently tried to beat a train to a crossing.

[1] "Not-terrorism" - inspired by the Bush/Cheney legalistic "not-torture," partly defined by the supposed intent to "gather intelligence," as opposed to torture for the fun of it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Collateral Murder": What more evidence do you need?

After recently seeing something on TV (PBS' Frontline, I believe) about the so-called Collateral Murder video, it occurred to me to see if any of the Satanists behind the attack (which are heard on the video essentially admitting that they had no good reason for the massacre) had ever been held accountable, or even identified.  The answer is no, they have not, due to a litany of lame excuses concocted by organized Satanism's military/legal division. 

The video released by Wikileaks is all that should be required to convict these monsters of war crimes, and combined with the military's pathetic "justification" for these war crimes, this amounts to organized Satanism waving its existence and nature (including the fact that it's untouchable) under our noses and daring us to recognize it for what it is. I suspect that it wanted the video to be leaked - note that those responsible for lax security which allowed Bradley Manning to leak so much classified information have not been crucified like Manning.

Organized Satanism is "invisible" (as is its leadership - the Spirits of Darkness), but only because most people have bought its mischaracterizations of itself and its centuries-old ridicule of belief in such things as Satanic possession (one of the first things it sought to bury deeply), which is its primary purpose, for purposes of creating an army of puppets to wage Satan's war on mankind, which is on full display in the Collateral Murder video.