Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Canadian train catastrophe: terrorism disguised as a screw-up? (revised)

Image: Location of Lac-Megantic, Quebec (location of runaway train catastrophe) relative to Earth Grid. (It's the white dot in the lower left.) For the significance I attach to this map, and how it was made (other than compression with jpegoptim), see Satanism and the Earth Grid.

The air brakes on the runaway oil train that devastated a Quebec town early Saturday had been disabled [supposedly unwittingly, by shutting down the locomotive's engine to put out a fire] by firefighters who were called to extinguish a blaze aboard one of the locomotives 90 minutes before the disaster, the head of the railway said Monday.
He told Reuters that firefighters had shut down the locomotive while they battled the fire, which was apparently caused by a broken oil or fuel line. But the train's crew had left the engine idling to keep the air brakes pressurized so the train wouldn't roll, said Ed Burkhardt, chairman of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway.
Burkhardt said that if the engine had been shut down, "someone should have made a report to the local railroad about that." He said the train's operator was staying at a nearby hotel.
from Brakes had been disabled in fatal oil train crash

It's still possible that this could have been deliberate - a form of "not-terrorism" [1] - and disguised as a screw-up in response to an accidental fire.  It's hard to believe that the crew would have just walked away and left volunteer firefighters in charge, or that they wouldn't have recognized the danger of leaving the brakes unpressurized at that location.

Also note that this incident occurred Saturday night, a day or so before the new Moon, when the bar was busy and the black tanker-cars would have been practically invisible unless lit by artificial ambient lighting (there were no lights on the train cars).

Another possibility is that the firefighters and crew, or key individuals among them, were influenced by the Spirits of Darkness to do what they did, so they didn't necessarily do it deliberately (although the supposedly accidental fire which started the series of events leading to the disaster, and the fact that it occurred so close to the new Moon, tend to make me doubt it). The same might be said of the train crash a few weeks earlier, also on an interesting location on the Earth Grid, in which a garbage (?) truck driver apparently tried to beat a train to a crossing.

[1] "Not-terrorism" - inspired by the Bush/Cheney legalistic "not-torture," partly defined by the supposed intent to "gather intelligence," as opposed to torture for the fun of it.