Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Collateral Murder": What more evidence do you need?

After recently seeing something on TV (PBS' Frontline, I believe) about the so-called Collateral Murder video, it occurred to me to see if any of the Satanists behind the attack (which are heard on the video essentially admitting that they had no good reason for the massacre) had ever been held accountable, or even identified.  The answer is no, they have not, due to a litany of lame excuses concocted by organized Satanism's military/legal division. 

The video released by Wikileaks is all that should be required to convict these monsters of war crimes, and combined with the military's pathetic "justification" for these war crimes, this amounts to organized Satanism waving its existence and nature (including the fact that it's untouchable) under our noses and daring us to recognize it for what it is. I suspect that it wanted the video to be leaked - note that those responsible for lax security which allowed Bradley Manning to leak so much classified information have not been crucified like Manning.

Organized Satanism is "invisible" (as is its leadership - the Spirits of Darkness), but only because most people have bought its mischaracterizations of itself and its centuries-old ridicule of belief in such things as Satanic possession (one of the first things it sought to bury deeply), which is its primary purpose, for purposes of creating an army of puppets to wage Satan's war on mankind, which is on full display in the Collateral Murder video.