Monday, July 29, 2013

Spanish train crash: More "not-terrorism?"

While police and a judge were looking into potential negligence on the part of the driver, the Public Works Ministry launched a more technical investigation. Renfe and Adif, the state track operator, began their own probes.

Investigators wanted to know why was the train going so fast? Did the driver fail to heed speed limits? Did brakes fail? What about the safety system meant to force the train or the driver to slow down if going too fast?
from Was ‘recklessness’ to blame for Spanish train crash?

I've speculated that since about the time of the Colorado theater massacre, we've entered a new phase of the "war on terror" reign of terror, characterized by "not-terrorism," i.e. terrorism disguised as something else. The recent train disaster in Spain strikes me as a candidate for this sort of incident. It's being blamed on the driver, but he would have to have been suicidal to take that curve at that speed, so I suspect that this is just a cover story, and that the real cause was a remote speed control. The driver has supposedly admitted that he's at fault, but how do we know that he really did, and if so, that he wasn't under duress?