Thursday, August 29, 2013

How much of the global sleep deficit is due to SRA?

Desperate for rest in a frenzied world, at least 8.6 million Americans take prescription sleeping pills to catch some Zzzs, according to the first federal health study to focus on actual use.

Between 2005 and 2010, about 4 percent of U.S. adults aged 20 and older popped popular prescription drugs such as Lunesta and Ambien in the previous month, say government researchers who tracked 17,000 people to their homes and peered into their medicine cabinets.

About a quarter of those studied suffered sleep problems serious enough to report to their doctors, said Yinong Chong, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“They told us they had difficulty getting to sleep, OR THEY WERE WAKING UP AND COULDN’T GET BACK TO SLEEP,” said Chong, whose study is based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. 

The report provides the latest evidence that a good night’s sleep is becoming more elusive. In 2008, market research from Thomson Reuters found that sleeping pill prescriptions had tripled among people younger than 45.
from Sleepless in the states: Nearly 9 million pop pills for shut-eye [emphasis added]

Depriving people of sleep is one of organized Satanism's favorite forms of SRA (where "ritual" is meant in the sense of being repetitive, not in the sense of being part of a ceremony). The purpose of SRA is to open the soul of the perpetrator to Satanic possession ("magical powers"), and to destroy the lives of their victims.  

One of the easiest ways to determine whether you are being targeted by a member of the Satanic Borg (or an aspiring Borg member), is to obtain some sort of a shock recorder. Some smart phones with built-in accelerometers have applications which make them useful for this purpose. I've used a hi-fi VCR, a mixer, a phono cartridge, and a microphone for this purpose, and have gathered a mountain of evidence of this activity. I discovered that one of their favorite means of causing disturbances is to generate ground-shocks (don't do this yourself, because what goes around comes around, eventually, and because witches who do this have other places to sleep, so you can't get even), which is very difficult to defeat, although it is possible. I suspended my bed from ganged screen-door springs from two bridge-like structures over the bed, but I would recommend using a foam or air mattress on a nonresonant platform instead of a bed with springs, since bed springs "ring" and tend to amplify even the slight disturbances which get through to the bed despite the filtering-effect of a suspension with a 1 Hz resonance, mainly because the ganged springs have a transverse resonance under tension, like a string of an instrument. These can be damped by stuffing foam between the springs and the "bridge" uprights, although the foam will also couple vibrations from the upright (which is directly coupled to the floor, naturally) into the springs, although the net effect might be beneficial.

But when I had succeeded in isolating my bed from the floor, the witch next door, disguised an a sweet old lady named Blanch Monson (whose activity did much to help me recognize the nature of Satanism), quickly realized that I had defeated her favorite form of causing disturbances [1], and then began generating powerful acoustic "booms" by bashing on the inside of a plywood wall facing my abode. (She also pounded on the side of my residence until I put a surveillance camera out there.)  In my recordings, I could hear people yelling in the distance in response to these "booms," indicating that they had been disturbed also. I invited the police to listen to my recordings, which they dismissed as "typical night-time sounds" almost before listening to them. They made it abundantly clear that they were Satanists in league with Monson - Satanists have thoroughly infiltrated law enforcement and the "justice" system, which explains why the FBI would declare Satanism to be nonexistent (as if that's possible). When I reported that she had fired a gun outside my window in the middle of the night, they fell all over themselves in a frenzy to ensure that she was OK (pretending that they didn't know she had a gun, and was low enough to do such a thing) as if her spawn weren't constantly dropping by to slam their car doors.


[1] The only way to explain how Satanists know when their target is sleeping, and thus when to strike, whether their disturbances are having the desired effect, and when to be quiet to avoid detection, is through the use of astral projection or by virtue of being a puppet of some Satanic spirit. (Note that the witch in the Blair Witch Project had an uncanny ability to know when those in search of it had fallen asleep, and thus when it could enter their camp and leave some sign of its presence.) When we sleep, our astral bodies separate from our physical and etheric bodies, and those with the ability to perceive these realms can perceive this separation. This would explain why those whom they awaken never hear any disturbances that would explain why they awaken, and assume that they awaken on their own.