Thursday, August 29, 2013

Miley Cyrus, pied piper of self-destruction

Looking at our site’s Search Engine Terms today I found that “Miley + Cyrus + Drugs” was the leader in terms of what the biggest searches were just on the Las Vegas Guardian Express. It takes up, in fact, the top three search columns on the site. That proves two things; one – that Miley got what she wanted from her display of bad taste on the MTV Video Music Awards, and two – that most people who watched her performance felt that she had to be on drugs to act that way.
from Miley Cyrus on Drugs Biggest Search Engine Term

I suspect that the idea behind Cyrus' sudden detour into drug use and raunchiness (which might all be an act) is to take her Hannah Montana fan-base, which is reaching the "age of revolt" against authority and its "straight-laced" morality, down a path of drug use, promiscuity, and self-destruction. Many will probably follow her, unfortunately.
The appeal of drugs is as a substitute for spiritual experience or knowledge about the spiritual world. (The same goes for Crowley's "Magick," which is a total crock intended to draw suckers into Satanism's orbit.) For more on this topic, see In Place of the Self: How Drugs Work, and for a good introduction to spiritual reality, I recommend Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner (not to be confused with other "brands" of Theosophy - Steiner considered one of his missions to be to correct the errors of the early Theosophical Society).

But "recreational" drugs typically have persistent side effects of mental impairment, and it is these effects which their ultimate, literally diabolical promoters (who also naturally suppress spiritual truth and push spiritual disinformation of an enormous variety) intend to have on young people, in order to sabotage their consciousness-soul development (characterized by the scientific mode of thinking), which is one of mankind's major evolutionary tasks at this time. Lyndon LaRouche's emphasis on the importance of drug avoidance and scientific thought, without the subjective detour into spiritualism/religion, is actually a spiritual path. Steiner's book Philosophy of Freedom is closely related.

MDMA, much of which is manufactured in that Satanic/Nazi project known as Israel (it doesn't really care about actual Jews, such as those who were targeted by Hitler, except to give it legitimacy), is a prime example of a drug that is promoted to gullible youngsters as harmless fun, but which can seriously impair the mind. Miley Cyrus has reportedly used "synthetic pot," which is pernicious, and I suspect that it's partly to blame for her bizarre behavior, although I don't know what else she's used, or if she's just putting on an act.