Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tumors will be tumors

Palestinians have reacted angrily to Israel's approval of nearly 1,200 new Jewish settlement homes, just days before peace talks are set to resume.
from New Israel settlement homes anger Palestinians

Like I wrote ages ago, the British imperial project known as Israel is the linchpin, or mainspring, of the fake Apocalypse, and it fulfills this role by constantly provoking the Islamic world in outrageous ways. [1] It's probably safe to assume that the settlements (which are largely occupied by Satanists posing as Jewish fundamentalists, and which take every opportunity to provoke the Palestinians in the area) were financed from the US, thus partly explaining the Islamic world's hatred for the US.

[1]  The Third Reich was another British imperial project, and its crimes against Jews provided an excuse for creating Israel. I was going to include an image of of a Nazi parade right out of ancient Babylon, reflecting the Isis-cult roots of Nazism and of its British imperial sponsors, but it appears that the images have been eradicated from the internet. While searching for these images, it occurred to me how the internet has become practically useless as a means of researching matters related to Satanism, beause organized Satanism has apparently been frenetically cranking out disinformation about itself and its various expressions throughout history, of which the Salem Witch Trials (which were RUN by witches) and Nazi Germany are prominent examples. I also noticed that the search results for Google and Yahoo are identical.