Thursday, September 26, 2013

Elaboration on Navy Yard rampage (revised - see notes)

The government contractor who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard last week was driven by delusions that he was being controlled by low-frequency radio waves and scratched the words “End the torment!” on the barrel of the shotgun he used, the FBI said Wednesday, offering new, chilling details of the attack.
Parlave said that Alexis had a performance issue at work that was addressed Sept. 13 but that there is no indication that Alexis targeted “anyone he worked for or worked with.”
from Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis driven by delusions

It's one thing to have delusions, and another to go on a killing spree against people you don't know, supposedly based on those delusions. So, to me, this rampage feels like possession by the Spirits of Darkness (Satanic angels who fell to Earth shortly before the "Ripper" announced Satanism's mass-"recruitment" phase and Satan's intent toward mankind), who can insinuate thoughts, feelings, and will-impulses (urges) into people, especially if their minds are impaired by such things as psychiatric drugs, which are notorious for causing a generalized hostility. This sort of possession would explain the disconnect between his statements and actions. (Note that the attack also occurred on the Earth Grid, where the influence of Satanic spirits is strongest, and near the full Moon and and an equinox. [1]) Alexis, who dabbled in Buddhism, was probably aware of the basic idea of karma, so it seems unlikely that he did this of his own volition.

There are reports that a SWAT-like team which responded immediately was ordered to stand down, and if so, this would seem to indicate that the orchestration involved others. In any case, it seems strange that it took so long for anyone to respond.  This is why it appears that Alexis was the "hand grenade," and that certain people in high places used their influence to ensure that the hand grenade reached its target. The ultimate target, I suspect, was the minds of those suffering PTSD as a result of the reigns of terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Note that there have been several such incidents of "not-terrorism" (terrorism disguised as something else) since the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre, which just happened to occur in a theater that was about to be closed down for renovation.

Revision: Added Note 1
[1] It also just so happened to be the 125th anniversary, to within a week, of the last of the "canonical" Ripper murders, on 9/30/1888. The "occult" significance of "125th" is that when "th" is converted to numbers and combined with the digits, it works out to 36, i.e. 6x6. If the 2 in 125 is broken into its "component integers," i.e. 1 and 1, it can be seen as an 11.  The 1 and 5 combined form a 6, so 125 can be converted to 6 11, two fundamental "magical" numbers.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween on the Equinox

BAGHDAD (AP) — A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden car into a funeral tent packed with mourners in a Shiite part of Baghdad early Saturday evening, the deadliest assault in a day of attacks that claimed at least 41 lives in Iraq.
The strikes are the latest in a months-long surge of violence that is raising fears Iraq is slipping back toward the widespread sectarian killings that followed the 2003 U.S.-led invasion a decade ago.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the day's attacks. Al-Qaida's local franchise in Iraq frequently targets Shiite civilians and security forces in an attempt to undermine public confidence in the Shiite-led government in Baghdad.

More than 4,000 people have been killed between April and August, U.N. figures show. More than 400 have been killed so far in September, according to an Associated Press tally.
from Funeral bombing, other attacks in Iraq kill 41

This pathetic cover story was wearing thin shortly after 9/11, but in an age when "truth" is manufactured by repeating lies indefinitely, the lies must be repeated endlessly. Common sense says that the bombers are psychopaths at best, and more likely have no souls to call their own. In my opinion, these bombings are the work of the actual Satanic government we put in place as a result of the US occupation of Iraq, right under the noses of the vast majority of well-intentioned US forces, who themselves were victims, as intended. The Naval Yard rampage might have been intended as yet more "not-terrorism," i.e. terrorism disguised as something else, in this case specifically intended to convince soldiers suffering from PTSD that contrary to Carl Sagan's materialistic mockery, this really is a demon-haunted world, and that no place is safe.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Navy Yard rampage strikes me as a case of possession

For the significance of this map, see Satanism and the Earth Grid

[Navy Yard shooter Aaron] Alexis also apparently was not a big presence on social networking sites, and sources say so far they cannot connect him in any way to any known threats or terror groups. But the motive for the shootings remains unknown.
from Aaron Alexis, alleged Navy Yard shooting gunman, showed "pattern of misconduct" in military

What I've read about the Navy Yard rampage leads me to suspect that it was a case of possession by the Spirits of Darkness, although I would be speculating if I were attempt to assign a motive to them, because there are so many possibilities. Perhaps one will emerge with time.  For more on this sort of possession, see Andrea Yates and the Spirits of Darkness

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another one of those mysterious state-run hotbeds of sadism

The first of many to die at a Florida reform school infamous for inflicting beatings and abuse is identified in official records only as “Unknown colored boy.”

Researchers say he died in 1911. But his name, final resting place, and the reason for his early death remain a mystery.
from Human remains believed uncovered in search at Florida boys school

We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit [societal rejects]: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: STAMP DOWN THE WRETCHED & THE WEAK: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and THE JOY OF THE WORLD....
King! Love one another with burning hearts [1]; ON THE LOW MEN TRAMPLE IN THE FIERCE LUST OF YOUR PRIDE, in the day of your wrath. YE ARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE, O my chosen! [i.e. you're not people, or you won't be, eventually]
If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought. If Power asks why, then is Power weakness. Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise. Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog! [Don't think or ask questions - just obey.]
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.
from The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley [emphasis added]

Yeah, it's a big mystery.  They didn't find any trappings of "black masses," so it couldn't have been Satanism, which by the way doesn't exist, as proven by the FBI.