Thursday, September 26, 2013

Elaboration on Navy Yard rampage (revised - see notes)

The government contractor who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard last week was driven by delusions that he was being controlled by low-frequency radio waves and scratched the words “End the torment!” on the barrel of the shotgun he used, the FBI said Wednesday, offering new, chilling details of the attack.
Parlave said that Alexis had a performance issue at work that was addressed Sept. 13 but that there is no indication that Alexis targeted “anyone he worked for or worked with.”
from Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis driven by delusions

It's one thing to have delusions, and another to go on a killing spree against people you don't know, supposedly based on those delusions. So, to me, this rampage feels like possession by the Spirits of Darkness (Satanic angels who fell to Earth shortly before the "Ripper" announced Satanism's mass-"recruitment" phase and Satan's intent toward mankind), who can insinuate thoughts, feelings, and will-impulses (urges) into people, especially if their minds are impaired by such things as psychiatric drugs, which are notorious for causing a generalized hostility. This sort of possession would explain the disconnect between his statements and actions. (Note that the attack also occurred on the Earth Grid, where the influence of Satanic spirits is strongest, and near the full Moon and and an equinox. [1]) Alexis, who dabbled in Buddhism, was probably aware of the basic idea of karma, so it seems unlikely that he did this of his own volition.

There are reports that a SWAT-like team which responded immediately was ordered to stand down, and if so, this would seem to indicate that the orchestration involved others. In any case, it seems strange that it took so long for anyone to respond.  This is why it appears that Alexis was the "hand grenade," and that certain people in high places used their influence to ensure that the hand grenade reached its target. The ultimate target, I suspect, was the minds of those suffering PTSD as a result of the reigns of terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Note that there have been several such incidents of "not-terrorism" (terrorism disguised as something else) since the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre, which just happened to occur in a theater that was about to be closed down for renovation.

Revision: Added Note 1
[1] It also just so happened to be the 125th anniversary, to within a week, of the last of the "canonical" Ripper murders, on 9/30/1888. The "occult" significance of "125th" is that when "th" is converted to numbers and combined with the digits, it works out to 36, i.e. 6x6. If the 2 in 125 is broken into its "component integers," i.e. 1 and 1, it can be seen as an 11.  The 1 and 5 combined form a 6, so 125 can be converted to 6 11, two fundamental "magical" numbers.