Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Affordable Care" Act - think about it

In light of the Obamacare rollout-fiasco, which has all the signs of SRA ("drag their souls down to awful torment") on a mass scale, perhaps we should take a closer look at the Orwellian title - akin to the title of the alien cookbook "Serving Man" - for clues to its true intent. For example, if you put the emphasis on "affordable," and then consider what's affordable in an economic collapse caused by British/Satanic economic warfare, then the title implies that it's intended to provide little if any care. 

It is disgusting that this fascist law ever got past the Supreme Court on the basis of what must be the most specious argument to ever come from a Chief Justice.

A real solution would require the enforcement of the General Welfare clause and the implementation of the American System of Alexander Hamilton (which LaRouche re-discovered despite British attempts to bury it) and the banishment of organized Satanism, which seeks to destroy the very essence of mankind [1], from government and medicine. The Affordable Care Act is just the latest means it has used to seize control of this aspect of the economy too, and the resulting chaos is just the opening shot in this battle.

[1] Another means besides driving us insane with frustration is to convince us that we live under a microscope, and that there is no escape from the all-seeing eye of "big government," in order to drive our minds/spirits out of us and into a realm of fantasy known as the Eighth Sphere.