Tuesday, October 15, 2013


In my previous entry, I confused the heretofore ongoing Fed purchase of US debt with quantitative easing (possibly a euphemism for depopulation). The problem isn't the use of credit, but the use of credit for nonproductive purposes, although even if we started NAWAPA tomorrow, we'd still need to take on debt just to keep the country going.

However, the combination of previous QE's and government policy is indeed facilitating Satanism's economic stranglehold. Based on my experiences with making purchases over the last couple of years, it's clear to me that it is using this power to target me, and the recent experiences with trying to sign up for Obamacare (which is patently fascist, because it amounts to the government forcing us to buy private health insurance) strike me as additional examples of facilitating this stranglehold, and the use of this economic power to cause frustration. I can hear Crowley urging his followers: "drag their souls down to awful torment."

The real Apocalypse is a matter of destiny and necessity, and the fake Apocalypse is evidently an early stage of the real one (meaning that it, and organized Satanism itself, might be necessary - although we don't have to like it), although the details are not predestined, and it is important for us to develop our minds and learn the truth about the world situation for the best outcome.