Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Massive cattle losses in SD - an analogy for decarbonators' plans for mankind

The storm, Clabo said, was the result of a strong high-altitude storm that pushed in quickly from the Pacific, gathered energy over the Rockies, and peaked just over Rapid City. While it's too early to say what role climate change might have played in this particular storm, higher levels of heat trapped in the atmosphere can result in more frequent and severe storms. Last month's IPCC report found it "very likely" that extreme precipitation events like blizzards will increase over this century.
from Blizzard Catastrophe Kills Tens of Thousands of Cows; Shutdown Leaves Ranchers on Ice

This freakish but increasingly likely blizzard is just one of many signs of an impending mini-ice-age. The mass media ignores most of them because it can, but in this case it can't, so it has to "explain" it. The resulting disaster can be seen as an analogy for what the decarbonators have in mind for mankind in general as a result of their big "global warming" lie: to get us to look the wrong way and get caught flat-footed, with fatal consequences which have the effect of decarbonizing us, i.e. killing our carbon-based physical bodies.