Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The truth about "Islamic" terrorism

Not so long ago politicians were hailing the end of al-Qaeda and the global jihad movement.
The weekend’s events have brought that hopeless optimism into sharp relief. The terrorist siege of the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya continues, with around 70 people dead so far. Elsewhere, at least 80 Christians were killed in a suicide attack outside a church in the Pakistani city of Peshawar yesterday. Additional suicide attacks in Pakistan’s Balochistan province and in Iraq also killed scores of Shia over the weekend.
from Ignoring Islamic terrorism didn’t make it go away

Well, neither did the "war on terror" make "Islamic" terrorism disappear, obviously, although as usual the proponents of such insanity would simply claim that it's better than it would have been without it, or that we just haven't done it enough.  If we really wanted to stop terrorism, we'd sink the British empire with Glass-Steagall.

What's interesting in this piece from a key neo-con rag is the title, which includes the key phrase "Islamic terrorism."  The fact is that it is not Islamic, but Satanist, but "Islamic" was chosen for a few reasons, including the fact that the "Apocalypse" is based on a conflict between "Israel" and Islam, and because "Islamic" converts to 66, i.e. 6x11, the two key "magical" numbers of Satanism.  Behind the mask of "radical Islam," just as with any fundamentalist religion that "justifies" hatred and violence on the basis of some supposed revelation from God, you will find Satanism, which never shows its true face (which it states bluntly in its Protocols of Zion, in which it poses as the "Elders of Zion" in order to fan the flames of anti-Semitism, and which provides some other insights into Satanism's mindset). Wahhabism is a product of the Satanic British empire - note that London is often called "Londonistan" - referring to its role as a hotbed of "jihadism."

But as I've written before, the fake apocalypse is apparently an aspect of the real apocalypse, which will happen come hell or high water, although the precise form is indeterminate because it will be determined by free will.

I think the key to prevent Satan from pulling the wool over your eyes is to recall that Christ said in no uncertain terms that his kingdom is not of this world. Eventually, the Moon will recombine with Earth, but in a spiritual state (the entire solar system is ascending into a spiritual state to prepare for its next incarnation), and this will correspond to the rule of evil, and eventually, the Sun will recombine with Earth, and this will correspond to the rule of Christ - but at that point, Earth will no longer BE Earth as we know it now.