Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All real scientists just assume that Darwinism is established fact, even though it's impossible

Scientists have found the oldest DNA evidence yet of humans’ biological history. But instead of neatly clarifying human evolution, the finding is adding new mysteries.
from At 400,000 Years, Oldest Human DNA Yet Found Raises New Mysteries

So they've found some 400,000 year-old human-like DNA, but they really have no way to connect it with modern man.  They just assume that it underwent many successful random mutations - it would be interesting to know how many, and the implicit mutation rate. 

Still unanswered is what mutated in order to produce DNA in the first place, so that it could mutate. Also still unanswered is how complex structures could have evolved via random mutations, when they would have provided no advantage in a partly-evolved state. (The usual explanation: it was magic.)