Monday, January 27, 2014

What could be Syria's motive for barrel-bombings?

Reports that Syria has been indiscriminately bombing rebel-held areas with so-called barrel bombs dropped from helicopters has caught my attention, and my initial reaction is that it reeks of black-ops terror projected onto the Syrian government by the imperial media machine, which includes a wide variety of apparently independent media. If Syria is behind these supposed bombings, and its motive was to blame them on the "rebels" (imperial terrorists, oddly quasi-represented at "peace talks" by the likes of the British foreign secretary), it would probably have stopped when it realized that it has failed miserably. 

Based on what Webster Tarpley has reported,  an incredible amount of stage-management was used for concealing the true nature of other wars which have occurred in this region, such as the black-ops invasion of Libya (which was a chaos-operation which unleashed massive caches of weaponry into the hands of terrorists, not a liberation), and I suspect that this barrel-bombing story is more of the same. There has been video of a barrel bombing taking place, but the video doesn't prove that it took place in a certain area, or that the Syrian military is behind them.

But naturally it's impossible to prove that it's NOT occurring, which is something that the Ministry of Truth knows well - all they have to do is assert, based on "evidence" provided by "moderate opposition groups," that it is occurring, and it becomes a "fact" which cannot be disproven. It just makes no sense for the Syrian government to provide NATO with an excuse to invade, triggering a world war which would probably include nuclear exchanges.