Sunday, February 23, 2014

Miley Cyrus, sex machine

Miley Cyrus has taken the world by storm the past year through controversial acts in all of her performances, music videos and songs. It was obvious that when she would begin her Bangerz tour, it would be anything but PG rated. However, people didn’t realize that it would be X rated and many parents are beginning to become upset with the way in which Cyrus performs during her tour.
One parent left with her daughter, claiming that they left because she felt as though she was subjecting her daughter to a “porn show.”
from Miley Cyrus 'Bangerz' tour creates angry backlash amongst parents

To call Miley Cyrus' performance a "porn show" is an insult to pornography. It strikes me as an intended inducement for her fans to adopt the soulless, excessively casual attitude toward sex which is intended to open their souls to certain beings who are always trying to get into the "basement."