Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Democracy" doesn't include the right to vote for water projects

As of March 19, fully 494 counties were declared drought-disaster counties by the U.S. Department of Agriculture; of these, 336 are primary disaster zones, and 158 contiguous counties. These counties are concentrated in the Southwest and lower High Plains, including all of California (save one county), and much of west Texas. The crisis is an automatic hit on the U.S. food supply, as well as the international one, because of decades of globalized "food sourcing."
from Western Water Crisis Means World Food Shortage

Congress: "Don't bother us about your lack of water - we're busy protecting the rights of Ukranians by starting a world war!"

Malaysia 370, again

New satellite images have revealed more than 100 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be debris from a Malaysian jetliner missing for 18 days with 239 people on board, Malaysia’s acting transport minister said on Wednesday.
from Missing Malaysian jetliner: Satellite images show more than ’100 objects’ that could be plane debris

I previously surmised that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery was intended as a distraction from the British empire's strained efforts to gin up a war with Russia. (As usual, the mass media is complicit, feeding only blatant anti-Russia propaganda, painting the empire's next intended victim as purely evil.)

But now it's beginning to appear to me that it's also a set-up for a false-flag terror operation to be pinned on Russia or Iran just before the empire is about to launch another war of aggression. They've illogically "disappeared" an airliner full of people into the most inaccessible spot on the planet, along with "Bin Laden" (a virtual deep-sea burial to close the books on one of its Orwellian "Goldsteins") telling us that it's seen hundreds of objects that COULD be part of the airliner, from hundreds of miles away, but for some strange reason have yet to physically acquire a single one and positively identify it as something from the airliner. (Even if they find a few personal items, I would be suspicious because they could have been filched from baggage and sprinkled in the area where the plane supposedly went down. Until they find undeniable evidence, such as a vital part of the plane, I will remain skeptical.) The media coverage reeks of disinformation. Meanwhile, its notorious attack-dog Bill O'Reilly has been tearing into those who more credibly claim that it could have ended up in Pakistan. However, it would be uncharacteristic of such a black op to have hundreds of witnesses which would have to be killed and their remains "disappeared" to maintain secrecy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

War-on-terror narrative again belied by lack of protections vs. terrorism

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is part of the global war against terrorism, saying that such acts have not abated and are so frequent that many people accept them as an everyday occurrence.
from Malaysia backs global war on terror

The fact that fighter-jets weren't scrambled as soon as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, in light of Malaysia's stated cooperation in the "war on terror," is further evidence that there really is no war on terror, but rather a reign of terror with a big lie superimposed upon it. Some have speculated that "US" intelligence (i.e. British intelligence) was behind the disappearance, and that it's a case of terrorism aimed at China. This would explain a lot. My first guess is that it was hijacked by remote control, and this fits into this scenario. Perhaps the goal is to provoke China against the US, as it has been doing toward Russia via the Syria and Ukranian "revolutions."

If anyone could hijack a plane via remote control, it would be British intelligence, but this would be a "black" operation that would never - and I mean never - be revealed officially (because of what it would say about the nature of the government itself - like a psychopath is exposed for life as a psychopath by subhuman behavior), although there might be articles which put the pieces together.

Big Bang: Manifestation of the creation of space-time?

[Objection to Big Bang theory:] The big bang means that everything came from nothing.

[Response to objection:] This one is popular too and is an understandable mistake to make. Really what the big bang states is that the universe exploded forth from a singularity. The singularity contained all the matter of the universe in a tiny speck. The whole of the universe, all space, time, energy and matter compressed into a tiny speck.

Its not exactly nothing now is it? Really, isn't it everything? So what the big bang theory is really saying is that everything came from everything. Now its not so bad.

The mistake comes in trying to comprehend that singularity. The singularity is a mind-boggling concept, our brains just arent equipped to cope with it so we have to use mathematics to even come close to describing it.

from What are the main criticisms about the Big Bang?

It's possible that the Big Bang constituted the beginning of the universe only in the sense of creating space-time, and not in the sense of dispersing matter throughout it. The incredible rate at which the inflation supposedly occurred indicates something beyond physics. Assuming it did occur, I surmise that it represented the origin of space-time in the mind of God. Einstein, who predicted gravity waves, once said that God doesn't play dice with the universe. I would add that gravity waves are a direct manifestation of the activity of spiritual beings.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Are sanctions vs. Russia intended to "explain" next phase of global economic collapse?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, leader of the European Union’s biggest economy, said last week her nation is prepared to bear the economic pain that would accompany Russian retaliation to any sanctions.
from Russia’s US$160B energy stick hinders Crimean sanctions

Wow, that was a quick election. (There was an election, wasn't there?)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

I'm beginning to wonder, as have many, whether Flight 370 was hijacked via remote control. I suspect that it's intended to provide a distraction from the US' transparent efforts to start a war with Russia, right on schedule (just as the wildly successful "war on terror" winds down, with frequent terrorist-bombings in Iraq, and the F-35 is coming on-line). Any war with Russia at this time fits the profile of "Armageddon." Consider what a few EMP's alone could do to civilization, without turning the planet into a radioactive cinder.

The evidence indicates that the Ukranian protesters killed in Kiev were killed by neo-Nazi snipers with whom the US is aligned. (Note that the British and American high-rollers supporting the protests cleared out shortly before the shooting started.)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Was Pistorius, like his gun, used as a tool? (revised)

PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — As the girlfriend he shot lay dead or dying in his home, a weeping, praying Oscar Pistorius knelt at her side and struggled in vain to help her breathe by holding two fingers in her clenched mouth, a witness testified Thursday at the double-amputee runner's murder trial.

from Witness: Pistorius prayed over his shot girlfriend

Based on what I've read about the Pistorius trial, it seems almost as if there were two people in his body, so I did some checking, and considering Pretoria's location relative to the Earth Grid, and the time of year (appx 2 mos past summer solstice in southern hemisphere), it seems possible that he was strongly influenced by the Spritis of Darkness, which can literally compel someone to commit such a deed despite themselves. They might have done so just because of their inherent malevolence toward humans, and because Pistorius was an unstable person with a gun and a girlfriend who by all accounts I've read was a positive influence.

More specifically, it seems to me that it's possible that the belief and fear that triggered the shooting could have been planted in Pistorius' mind/soul by Spirits of Darkness. It certainly seems like the sort of insane belief that they would plant. (Nietzsche's "philosophy" is largely based on thoughts which they fed to him, to the point where they essentially dictated The Anti-Christ to Nietzsche, shortly before Jack went wild in London.)

If Pistorius is guilty of anything, it is the fact that he did not recognize that he wasn't mentally stable enough to have a gun. He reportedly fired his gun during a confrontation with police, and that alone should have been sufficient to have his permit revoked, assuming the cops knew that he fired his gun.