Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Bang: Manifestation of the creation of space-time?

[Objection to Big Bang theory:] The big bang means that everything came from nothing.

[Response to objection:] This one is popular too and is an understandable mistake to make. Really what the big bang states is that the universe exploded forth from a singularity. The singularity contained all the matter of the universe in a tiny speck. The whole of the universe, all space, time, energy and matter compressed into a tiny speck.

Its not exactly nothing now is it? Really, isn't it everything? So what the big bang theory is really saying is that everything came from everything. Now its not so bad.

The mistake comes in trying to comprehend that singularity. The singularity is a mind-boggling concept, our brains just arent equipped to cope with it so we have to use mathematics to even come close to describing it.

from What are the main criticisms about the Big Bang?

It's possible that the Big Bang constituted the beginning of the universe only in the sense of creating space-time, and not in the sense of dispersing matter throughout it. The incredible rate at which the inflation supposedly occurred indicates something beyond physics. Assuming it did occur, I surmise that it represented the origin of space-time in the mind of God. Einstein, who predicted gravity waves, once said that God doesn't play dice with the universe. I would add that gravity waves are a direct manifestation of the activity of spiritual beings.