Tuesday, March 18, 2014

War-on-terror narrative again belied by lack of protections vs. terrorism

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is part of the global war against terrorism, saying that such acts have not abated and are so frequent that many people accept them as an everyday occurrence.
from Malaysia backs global war on terror

The fact that fighter-jets weren't scrambled as soon as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, in light of Malaysia's stated cooperation in the "war on terror," is further evidence that there really is no war on terror, but rather a reign of terror with a big lie superimposed upon it. Some have speculated that "US" intelligence (i.e. British intelligence) was behind the disappearance, and that it's a case of terrorism aimed at China. This would explain a lot. My first guess is that it was hijacked by remote control, and this fits into this scenario. Perhaps the goal is to provoke China against the US, as it has been doing toward Russia via the Syria and Ukranian "revolutions."

If anyone could hijack a plane via remote control, it would be British intelligence, but this would be a "black" operation that would never - and I mean never - be revealed officially (because of what it would say about the nature of the government itself - like a psychopath is exposed for life as a psychopath by subhuman behavior), although there might be articles which put the pieces together.