Thursday, March 6, 2014

Was Pistorius, like his gun, used as a tool? (revised)

PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — As the girlfriend he shot lay dead or dying in his home, a weeping, praying Oscar Pistorius knelt at her side and struggled in vain to help her breathe by holding two fingers in her clenched mouth, a witness testified Thursday at the double-amputee runner's murder trial.

from Witness: Pistorius prayed over his shot girlfriend

Based on what I've read about the Pistorius trial, it seems almost as if there were two people in his body, so I did some checking, and considering Pretoria's location relative to the Earth Grid, and the time of year (appx 2 mos past summer solstice in southern hemisphere), it seems possible that he was strongly influenced by the Spritis of Darkness, which can literally compel someone to commit such a deed despite themselves. They might have done so just because of their inherent malevolence toward humans, and because Pistorius was an unstable person with a gun and a girlfriend who by all accounts I've read was a positive influence.

More specifically, it seems to me that it's possible that the belief and fear that triggered the shooting could have been planted in Pistorius' mind/soul by Spirits of Darkness. It certainly seems like the sort of insane belief that they would plant. (Nietzsche's "philosophy" is largely based on thoughts which they fed to him, to the point where they essentially dictated The Anti-Christ to Nietzsche, shortly before Jack went wild in London.)

If Pistorius is guilty of anything, it is the fact that he did not recognize that he wasn't mentally stable enough to have a gun. He reportedly fired his gun during a confrontation with police, and that alone should have been sufficient to have his permit revoked, assuming the cops knew that he fired his gun.