Monday, April 7, 2014

El Nino appears just in time to reduce pressure for NAWAPA

I find it interesting that a supposed strong El Nino made its appearance just as the alarms began sounding over the drought in the western US.  It will be interesting to watch what happens.

Meanwhile, our government couldn't be less interested in whether we have enough water to survive, much less "compete on a global stage," as they like to parrot in order to prove their "free enterprise" credentials. But it IS very interested in "protecting the rights" of Ukranians (despite its alliance with the neo-Nazis who gunned down those protesting the Ukranian government's shift toward Russia), because it provides a pretext for a continuation of the world war known as WWI (whose 100th anniversary just recently occurred), which started shortly after the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and which has never really ended. However, this phase could spell the end of civilization, just coincidentally as the Fed is losing its ability to keep the Great Bubble inflated. Perhaps that's just our government's way of putting an end to the water shortage, and for that matter, all of our problems.