Monday, May 26, 2014

Santa Barbara horror: Is Rodger's manifesto a smokescreen?

The accused UCSB mass murderer had been prescribed, but refused to take, psychiatric medication to help with his “extreme paranoia,” a source close to Elliot Rodger‘s family tells exclusively.

from UCSB Shooter Elliot Rodger Refused His Psychiatric Medicines....

Elliot Rodger, who murdered six people in Santa Barbara by shooting from the window of his BMW, had received psychiatric treatment. And yet he was still able to legally purchase three guns, and 400 bullets....
from California shooting puts America's gun laws back in the spotlight

One thing that comes through in all of the coverage of the UCSB massacre is Elliot Rodger's egotism and lack of conscience, both of which are fertile soil for the influence of the Spirits of Darkness, which are anti-human angels aligned with Satan who have been "cast down to Earth," i.e. transposed from the higher spiritual realms to Earth's etheric realms. (They are thus "space aliens," i.e. alien to space-time. This is a hint about the source of the "UFO" craze - note that the number of "UFO" photos hasn't exploded along with the number of people carrying cameras.) His desire for revenge as a result of rejection by women (for good reasons, obviously) might have been a smokescreen for the influence of these malignant beings. Lots of men are rejected by women, and they don't launch into killing sprees. Rodger evidently believed in God, but he also apparently believed that he would escape punishment by committing suicide. This logical incongruity is a hint that his manifesto is just a smokescreen for what really drove him.

It is interesting to note the proximity of this seemingly merely insane rampage to the Earth Grid, where the influence of the Spirits of Darkness, a.k.a. the Dragon, is concentrated. It is also interesting that it occurred as the Summer solstice approaches, because it is at that time when these etheric beings are most active in the northern hemisphere.

However, without studying the case in more depth, I can't be certain that they drove him to do it. If the experts who investigate it find no explanation, maybe this will help them make sense of it, even if they can't officially declare it to have been a case of possession by malevolent spirits. But even if there is a conventional explanation, it's impossible to rule out the possibility that they took the opportunity to at least nudge him over the edge, although it wouldn't qualify as possession - just a bad influence from a human perspective. Those who missed the opportunity to prevent his rampage might also have been manipulated by these same beings, whose influence can take the form of thoughts, feelings, and/or impulses of will.