Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Video game fixation likely opened Rodger to Satanic influence

It has been widely reported Rodger was an avid Warcraft player. His online manifesto states he would retreat deep into the game for hours per day and would dream of Warcraft when he went on family vacations and could not play. It seems he could not separate himself from the stories, characters and struggles within Warcraft, living in a fantasy world of his own.

What has been missed until now is that quotes from his final YouTube video announcing his murderous intentions seem to come from the Warcraft character known as Garrosh Hellscream, whose twisted pursuit of dominance and power lead him to hate the Warcraft races, including his own.
Garrosh spearheaded Horde victories in Northrend and, as Warchief, consolidated Horde power amidst the chaos of the Cataclysm. But his visions of orc supremacy by any means have brought the armies of the world crashing down upon Orgrimmar... a final reckoning that Garrosh himself awaits with brutal relish.”
from Was shooter Elliot Rodger living vicariously through a video game character?

"It was described how Sorath [a.k.a. Beast/Devil/Antichrist/666] addresses the human will directly, lays hold of and makes use of it through the way in which his strange servant Hitler was able to work on people [i.e. to hypnotize them with his eyes]. By that means the active 'I' was stunned [hypnotized] and came close, through assimilation into the 'masses', to which Hitler so like to refer, to becoming extinguished. From that point, from the lower will-forces, it worked itself upwards into feelings and thinking in such a way that the heart  becomes sluggish, compassion died, conscience fell asleep and THINKING LOST ITS CONNCECTION WITH REALITY. It is a current in man which streams from below [i.e. from the Satanic "underworld'] upwards."
from Christ and Antichrist by Peter Tradowski, page 41[emphasis added]

As I wrote in my previous entry on this wild UCSB attack, which was clearly aimed at mankind in general, it seemed to me that his manifesto was just a cover story for his actual motive, which seems to have been Satan's war on mankind.  The same tone can be found in Nietzsche's The Anti-Christ, which was ghost-written by the Spirits of Darkness. As one of the roommates whom Rodgers murdered remarked, he was indeed strange, as can be seen his videos, and I would say inhuman.

Possession would explain why Rodgers was so willing to die, when he had no real problems, other than being rejected by his fantasy-women, which describes most men. The likely Spirit of Darkness using him like a puppet had nothing to lose. I also suspect that it would explain Rodger's apparent willingness and ability to murder his three roommates at close range, which is not something I would expect someone like him to do. It's one thing to shoot someone at a distance, especially for someone who has superimposed a video game fantasy on the real world, and quite another to stab three people to death. This is one factor that led me to conclude that Andrea Yates was possessed when she killed her five kids, because of the sustained murderous drive which I would expect maternal instinct to over-ride, unless something else had replaced her human will. For more on this type of possession, read my article on Yates, which can be found here.

By the way, just as I was putting the finishing touches on this entry, my computer "just coincidentally" froze and the text editor shut down. If I hadn't developed the habit of saving everything early and often, I would have lost everything.