Monday, June 30, 2014

Satanism: a necessary evil?

From the perspective of the spiritual beings who are responsible for enforcing human destiny, I suppose it's possible that they allow Satanism to run amok because it's necessary in order to bring about the transition to the next sub-root-race while preserving our belief in the illusion which we regard as reality.  (So, they can't just wave a magic wand and have us awaken in a new world - there has to be a way to explain how we got from A to B from purely "physical" causes, i.e. death, destruction, etc.) Perhaps they know that it can't cause any real damage, although it causes death and suffering from our perspective. Furthermore, perhaps they consider it to be impossible to achieve this goal by relying on humans, and thus must allow the creation of a race of physical beings who take pleasure in causing death and destruction, by tricking them into becoming instruments for Satanic beings.

But, being a human, with the typical faith in the illusion, I tend to forget this possibility. Hence, my periodic outbursts, railing against Satanism and those in high places who appear to be facilitating its predatory activity, followed by "corrections" such as this. Not that it apparently matters what I think - I've been scribbling on this subject for years, and the world is still haunted by demons and such.  At times, it is exasperatingly spooky, reflecting what I can only explain in terms of spiritual beings using swarms of humans as puppets, like flocks of starlings. Rudolf Steiner indicated that this is a reality, although he also indicated that it is evil and that Satan will be lucky to ever redeem himself. Whether those he dupes into becoming his puppets will accrue much bad karma is a question I cannot answer.