Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Evidence emerging of a deliberate Malaysia MH17 shoot-down

While media and officials throughout the NATO sector rushed to blame Russia for the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine July 17, President Vladimir Putin and two top Russian military staff officers called two nights ago and yesterday for international cooperation and transparency in the investigation. Radar and photographic data released at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) briefing undercut certain claims made by Kiev officials about the crash and showed the basis for the ten questions posed to Kiev by Deputy Defense Minister Anatoli Antonov on July 19.
from Putin, Russian Military Raise Questions, Call for Transparency in MH17 Investigation

I was reluctant to advance my actual theory on this disaster, which is that the shoot-down was deliberate in order to take some heat off Israel as it went on another war-crimes (advanced SRA) spree, and to put heat on Russia, the next one to be turned into an enemy. But it appears that others are also heading in that direction, so I'll join the parade.

It's actually the only scenario that makes sense, because any anti-aircraft missile-battery operator would have to know that there were civilian airliners flying over the area, because they had been all along. It would be no problem for the black-ops crew that perpetrated 9/11, the subsequent "wars," and the Boston Marathon recapitulation of the "war on terror" (just before the completion of Freedom Tower) to perpetrate such a monstrous crime and fabricate "evidence" of Russian culpability. They rely on the inability of most people to believe that anyone could do such a thing, to help them cover up the truth. That's not to say that Obama and Kerry are aware of any such activity, because they would be more convincing if they believe the lie.