Monday, August 4, 2014

"Israel," mainspring of the "Apocalypse"

Even the Israeli daily Ha'aretz vindicated Hamas of any responsibility for the West Bank killings and for the rocket fire into Israel from Gaza over the past 48 hours. Ha'aretz reported today that the rocket attacks were known to have been carried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Committees, over objections from Hamas, which has maintained an unbroken ceasefire with Israel since November 2012.
As reported yesterday, both Israeli and Palestinian officials are panicked over the rapid escalation of violence and their inability to bring radical factions under control.
from Israel Launches War on Gaza: 'Operation Protective Edge' Targets HamasJuly 8, 2014 • 8:54PM

"Israel's" latest round of atrocities is a case of our actual government showing its true face. Forget everything it says, which are lies, and just look at what it has done, which is to use military weapons against defenseless civilians, and perhaps some low-level "Islamic" [66 = 6x11] terrorist flunkies who are sacrificed to lend credence to the lie that these "Islamic" groups are enemies of "Israel," when in fact they work with "Israel" to "justify" precisely what has happened. If "Israel" truly must do such things to exist, then it should question whether it has a right to exist, which it doesn't, considering that it began with a terrorist bloodbath vs. Palestinians. It isn't the true fulfillment of Biblical prophecy - it is the fulfillment of a interpretation contrived for purposes of the fake "apocalypse." Some actual Jews have good lives there, but at what cost to the world? They should stop giving this Nazi project legitimacy.

The major consequence of this will probably be more wars, and perhaps a world war, or rather a hot phase of the world war that began 100 years ago today.