Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's Satan's internet - we just pay for it and take what his tools give us

In case you're wondering why I haven't been posting much lately, it's because my cuddly major ISP has essentially cut off my internet access, and in a manner which indicates that it's been monitoring my internet usage. (Either that, or they've programmed their system to give the impression of monitoring - convincing us that we're being watched, even if we aren't, is part of Big Brother's war on our minds.) I might end up posting this at a public library, despite the Borg's transparent efforts to discourage me from accessing the internet there too.

I could speculate on their motive, but there are so many possibilities that it would be a waste of time. It is safe to say, however, that it reeks of organized Satanism, its sadism, its belief that it has the right to play God with our lives because it can get away with it, and its lame cover stories. If Wikileaks wants to convince me it's not part of the Establishment, it could investigate ISP denials of service. (If you search for information on denials of service, all you'll find is denials of service caused by hackers.)

Specifically, my modem still connects to the network (probably because it's also a phone network, and there are laws regulating phone reliability), and I have been allowed a little access to the server so I can spend money at online stores, but otherwise my connection to the server is either reset soon after I try to access a page, or my connection is throttled to essentially zero, and reset if I wait long enough.

This has been happening since early June, and if I were still calling them to complain, they'd still be telling me lame lies, such as the one about having to have a network technician investigate, as if they don't have immediate access to information on network outages, and as if they haven't been able to fix the problem in two months. Another is that such horrible performance is par for the 2g course, which is patently absurd. If it were, there is no way that they could continue to offer, for example, 3GB of data per month, or even 1GB.

I'd switch to another ISP, but it would cost a lot to switch and there's nothing to prevent it from doing the same thing.