The Atlanta Child Murders: The Spirits of Darkness celebrate 101 years on Earth (Rev B)

(Rev B: see Notes)

Under Gabriel's guidance, spiritual life was ripening in complete stillness, well protected and surrounded like a child in its mother's womb.  Then, in November 1879, on the astral plane, something quite similar to a birth occurred.  What had been maturing since the fourteenth century could now be carried out into the world, even if only before a small minority of human beings, for the reign of Gabriel had been replaced by that of another Archangel, under whose guidance we now operate: the Archangel Michael. ...
Even now, coincident with Michael, a dark god has proclaimed his power: Mammon.  For occultists, Mammon is not only the god of money.  Mammon is the leader of all the lower, dark forces. His troops ATTACK NOT JUST THE HUMAN SOUL, BUT THE PHYSICAL BODIES OF HUMANS AS WELL, devouring and destroying them.
In 1879, therefore, [the Spirits of Darkness] were cast out of the spiritual world into the world of men — and here, in this world, they wander among humanity. They are present here, sending their forces into men's thoughts, feelings and impulses of will, egging them on to this undertaking or another.
But having been cast down to the Earth, these Angeloi-Spirits are intent upon doing harm with the down-flowing knowledge; they want to guide it into wrongful channels, to rob it of its power for good and lead it into paths of evil. In short, having been cast down since the year 1879, their aim is to achieve here, with the help of men, what they were unable to achieve with the help of the Spirits in yonder world.
[This] has always been pictured symbolically as the victory of Michael, or St. George, over the Dragon. In the year 1879 ... the Dragon was ... the Angeloi-Spirits who were striving for but could not achieve the aim I have indicated.
Wandering as they now do among men, these Spirits of Darkness make it their business to spread confusion.... 
from Jack the Ripper:  Encrypted Proclamation of the Fake Apocalypse
The Atlanta Child Murders, known locally as the "missing and murdered children case", were a series of murders committed in Atlanta, Georgia, United States from the summer of 1979 until the spring of 1981.
from Atlanta murders of 1979–1981
After some three years of planning, Cable News Network (CNN) began broadcasting on June 1, 1980.... 
from The New Georgia Encyclopedia entry on Ted Turner
The Network launched at 5:00 p.m. EST on Sunday June 1, 1980 with 25 original staff members. It first had an introduction by Ted Turner, who announced:
"We won't be signing off until the world ends. We'll be on, we'll be covering it live, and that will be our last, last event. We'll play the National Anthem for one time on the first of June, at that's all. When the end of the world comes, we'll play "Nearer My God to Thee" before we sign off."
from History of CNN (1980–2003)
CNN was just getting off the ground, and in the Atlanta Child Murders, had a very compelling story, tailor made for a fledgling 24 hour news network right in its own backyard.
from Questions about the Atlanta Child Murders in the late 70's/early 80's

What better place for Spirits of Darkness, with their disinformation-agenda, than the media?  Whenever I run across some particularly slick disinformation, I suspect their involvement. Note that the Ripper-related global disinformation campaign, (which coincided roughly with the development of a global media, which was facilitated by the global telegraph network, just as CNN was facilitated by the growth of cable networks), began soon after their descent, and that it hasn't ended yet.  Being able to deceive so many people for so long, and to send them down false paths of investigation, is a real feather in their hat. It also marked the beginning of the New Age, which epitomizes the work of the Spirits of Darkness, i.e. feeding us disinformation with the appearance of spiritual truths.

There are so many different aspects and perspectives on the Atlanta Child Murders [1]  that there is no way I will be able to cover them all.  It was obviously a product of organized Satanism with the babbling Spirits of Darkness assigned to terrorize us and keep our heads spinning so at the end, we were given the impression that Wayne Williams was the killer, when in fact he is just a scapegoat, as indicated here.  Some have pointed to KKK involvement, but the KKK (11 11 11) is just an ad hoc front for organized Satanism, which was founded by Satanist Albert Pike, author of Morals and Dogma (78 19 40, >137, >11).  I doubt it was just a coincidence that the ACM began just before CNN was created; it no doubt played a big part in making it as popular as it is, or at least once was.  Before that, there was no 24-hour source of "news," which includes bouts of psywar such as the sense of helplessness engendered by learning about children being murdered while the authorities flail about for years and ultimately serve up a scapegoat.

I don't mean to pick on CNN, because it feeds us pretty much the same consensus reality as the rest of the media.  When I had cable, I watched it and liked its detailed coverage of certain events, even though I don't adhere to its interpretation of events. However, now that Webster Tarpley has exposed the use of Hollywood-style sets and staged events to deceive us about "democratic uprisings," which is utterly despicable, I would now wonder whether I could trust even their video.

(After publishing this article, I plugged it with this blog entry which clarifies some of its points, and adds a few.  Instead of working these changes into this article, and ruining both edifices of fine writing in the process, I decided to just add a link to the blog post.)

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[1] "Atlanta" converts directly to 69, and "child" converts directly to 36.  "Murder," with a slight rearrangement of the "raw" conversion (13 21 18 4 5 18 19), converts to a string of 6's, 9's, and an 11. Specifically, the 13 is split into 1 and 3, the 3 is combined with 21, the 1 is combined with the 1 in 19, and the 9 is split off.  Magic!  You might consider this to be contrived, but little rearrangement was needed, and the results so significant, that I tend to believe that it was intended.