British Empire of the mind still pushing Nietzsche via Rand flicks

After more than 50 years, Ayn Rand’s seminal novel and ode to free market capitalism “Atlas Shrugged” is finally hitting the big screen this weekend, in the first of a planned trilogy of movies.

My take on this, which I found during my routine, derisive review of the "alternative" British imperial psywar/propaganda site called Drudge Report, is that these movies are intended to manufacture support for the likes of Paul Ryan, Mr. Austerity, a bankers' henchman posing as a cross between a Nietzschean Ubermensch, accountant, and American patriot, as they shut down the economy and kill off the "useless eaters." In its essence, it's a matter of disguising Satan's war on mankind as economic necessity and propriety.

Ayn Nietzsche portrays the economic Ubermensch in her books as self-made gods, the ultimate source of the ideas which give rise to industrial economies, with the right to destroy those economies if the "rabble" known as mankind "steals their ideas." But Rudolf Steiner claimed that these ideas originate in the spiritual world, and that when mankind is ready for them, events are arranged in the physical world to make it appear that these ideas originated in the physical world, (as part of giving us the freedom to believe that there is no spiritual world):

I pointed out yesterday that other forces also are active — the First Beginnings, the Archai or Spirits of Personality, who during the Earth-existence represent what is called the Zeitgeist, the Spirit of the Age. These work in such a way that from their own ego, from their psychic organization, they work into the physical body and thus activate the forces of the physical body. If, at a certain moment, something arises as a result of the activity of the Zeitgeist, something manifests itself in the Spirit of an Age which furthers the progress of mankind, we must assume that this corresponds to the utilization of physical forces in our Earth life. A moment's reflection will show that definite prior conditions of a physical order are necessary in order to provide for certain contingencies in the Spirit of the Age. Kepler, Copernicus and Pericles could not possibly have lived in any other age or under other circumstances. Personalities are the product of the specific conditions of their time, conditions which at a definite moment of time are created and determined by the higher Beings working on the physical plane. Now these physical conditions must not be regarded as isolated phenomena, but as particular configurations in the physical constitution of our Earth. Sometimes these configurations stand out in bold relief; at other times, when the Spirit of the Age directs his influence in a certain direction, physical objects will inevitably take on a quite definite pattern. You will recall that on one occasion, when for the first time specially polished lenses were used, some children playing in the glass polisher's workshop assembled them in such a way as to create the optical effect of a telescope, so that the inventor of the telescope, having discovered from observation the underlying principle, only needed to apply it to achieve practical results. This is an historic fact. Imagine the number of physical processes involved before this result could be achieved. The lenses had first of all to be invented, polished and then assembled in the appropriate manner. Chance would account for this, you might say, but only on condition that you refuse to acknowledge the law that operates in such circumstances. This concatenation of outward circumstances is the work of the Archai, the Primal Forces. Their work is the consequence of focusing their activity at a particular place, an activity which otherwise, as Spirit of the Age, is expressed in a variety of ways. Think of how many inventions would remain forever unknown if this work of the Archai had not taken place in their etheric bodies. It is really the work of the Archai which acts in this way and is directed to this end.

Now if the activity of the Archai takes this form and is responsible for directing the Spirit of the Age, the question arises: how do these Spirits of the Age intuitively sense the progress of mankind? They create a situation in which man appears to be stimulated fortuitously by external circumstances. It must not be accounted as pure fiction if this sometimes occurs. I need only remind you of the swinging lamp in the cathedral at Pisa where, by observing the regular oscillations of the lamp, Galileo discovered the law of the pendulum and how, later on, Kepler and Newton were stimulated to make their discoveries. I could quote innumerable cases of the coincidence of external events and human thought which would explain how the prevailing ideas of an age are intuitively sensed by the Archai, ideas which influence man's development, determine his progress and subject it to law.
Rudolf Steiner,

So, Ayn Nietzsche's heroes cannot lay claim to being self-made gods who have a right to destroy what mankind has made of "their" ideas - they were destined to bring these ideas into the world, as agents of spiritual beings. So, although they are unique, or rare, they were given their gifts by God to allow them to carry out their Earthly mission. They did not create themselves out of nothing, and they are not the source of "their" ideas. The following passages from another lecture by Steiner provides more detail on the nature of intelligence and how the Archangel Michael (pronounced My-kay-el) wants it to be used, as opposed to how Ahriman (Satan) wants it to be used:

When we have Ahriman before us in this way, then too we shall feel the great contrast between Ahriman and Michael. For Michael is not in the least concerned with the personal quality of Intelligence. It is only for man that the temptation is ever-present to make his Intelligence personal after the pattern of Ahriman. Truth to tell, Ahriman has a most contemptuous judgment of Michael. He thinks Michael foolish and stupid, — stupid, needless to say, in relation to himself. For Michael does not wish to seize the Intelligence and make it personally his own. Michael only wills, and has willed through the thousands of years, nay through the aeons, to administer the Pan-Intelligence. And now once more, now that men have the Intelligence, IT SHOULD AGAIN BE ADMINISTERED BY MICHAEL AS SOMETHING BELONGING TO ALL MANKIND — AS THE COMMON AND UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE THAT BENEFITS ALL MEN ALIKE.
You see, this battle was already there in the cosmos, but it became significant above all since the 8th or 9th century, when the Cosmic Intelligence gradually fell away from Michael and his hosts and came down to men on earth. It only became acute when the Spiritual Soul [Consciousness Soul - our current "scientific" mode of consciousness] began to unfold in humanity, at the point of time which I have so often indicated, at the beginning of the 15th century.

Note that it was at about the time of the 15th century when Venice started cranking out its various flavors of BS (occult-flavored, "philosophical, "scientific," etc.) to stifle mankind's evolution. Nietzsche's BS was straight from Satan, and Ayn Rand's shallow juvenile fantasies are essentially based on the same ideas. She claims to have arrived at them independently, but she just so happens to have studied Nietzsche before doing so.