Darwinism: great cloud of unknowing, and con-job (revised)

On a hunch that Darwinism might have been intended as "scientific" BS to lure gullible youngsters into basing their lives on existentialism, or perhaps Nietzsche's "philosophical" BS (which was partly dictated to Nietzsche by a Spirit of Darkness, as covered by my essay on Jack the Ripper), I looked into the origins of this species of BS. Even among those who influenced Darwin and whom he influenced, I didn't find one whom I could call a "Darwinist." (Darwin himself might have been the only Darwinist ever, assuming he didn't have any doubts.) Even modern so-called proponents of Darwinism are practically impossible to pin down.

So it seems that the only people who actually believe that Darwin was correct are those who don't take the time to think about it, but who instead adopt it as their philosophy as a defense against what they consider the only alternative, i.e. the various so-called Christian teachings on "Hell," and on avoiding it. There is no such thing as Hell in the conventional sense, although there are stages in the afterlife which can seem like "Hell," and karmic payback can also be pretty miserable. There's no escape from karma, so just remember that what goes around comes around. I'm not sure how this applies to pod people, since free will doesn't seem to be a factor in at least some of their actions.

So, the majority of those who subscribe to Darwinism are probably horny, rebellious young people, which just happens to be one of the main groups targeted for recruitment into Satanism, which typically includes two stages: A) abandonment to one's lowest impulses, which produces a "Nietzschean superman" form of possession characterized by contempt for "mere" humans; and B) sadism/SRA, which is intended to lead to demonic possession, which creates a human-like creature driven by impulses of destruction.

On a hunch that I would find evidence of Satanists peddling Darwin to gullible college-age kids, I performed an internet search using the terms "Darwinism" and "college age" simultaneously, and found indications that my theory on the purpose of Darwinism might be correct, in the form of the following passages from a web-page on Darwin Days:

Darwin [> 69] Days [daze, > 36] - Saturday (See also Friday)
Saturday, February 12, 2011
12:00 PM

Harmony Cafe, West
1660 West Mason St Green Bay, WI

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International Darwin Day Foundation Event at Harmony Cafe in Green Bay

This year will be the third annual celebration of Darwin Days in Green Bay and promises to be the biggest and the best. The program is sure to entertain and enlighten all ages and education levels. The schedule includes events on Friday February 11th and Saturday February. 12th 2011. All events are free and open to the public at Harmony Café, 1660 W Mason St in Green Bay.

This year’s theme will be dispelling myths about Darwin and expanding knowledge about the Voyage of the Beagle. Event art coordinator, Paul Jacobs says; “This event will have many segments to appeal to a wide range of people. Most stand by themselves and can be enjoyed in as little as 10 minutes while those who stay longer will not be bored.” 

[So, it appears they're weren't trying to appeal to scholars.]

Friday's Program will include displays, speakers, videos and presentations PRIMARILY FOR ADULTS AND YOUNG ADULTS. [emphasis added]

Beginning at Noon will be a special Darwin related edition of the regular Friday Conversation Café. If you have never been to a lunch time Conversation Café this would be a great introduction. Conversations are always friendly, varied, and entertaining.

[If you're invited, chances are they think you'd make a good tool for Satan, so naturally they'd be friendly - they're trying to rope you in.]

During the afternoon there will be a continuous program of short videos as well as a somewhat longer video about Darwin’s scientific discoveries.

["Scientific discoveries": Note the gushing attitude toward Darwin, in contrast to the "great cloud of unknowing" that you find when taking a close look at it.]
Dr. Meinhardt earned a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas, and is an Associate Professor of Biology and Human Biology at UW-Green Bay. He teaches courses in Evolutionary Biology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, and Introductory Human Biology, co-teaches a travel course on Tropical Conservation and Ecology in Costa Rica, and researches the development and evolution of amphibian skeletons. Currently, Dr. Meinhardt and his students are working in three areas, (1) description of skeletal anomalies in American toads from Northeast Wisconsin, (2) the relationship between body size and skull morphology in frogs, and (3) the effect of endocrine-disrupting 

[Impressive credentials and words are part of the con-job.]

[end of excerpts]

Also note that the event just happens to have been held almost on top of a ley line, which admittedly could just be a coincidence.  For the significance of ley lines relative to Satanism, see Satanism and the Earth-Grid.