My current theory on the nature of Satanism

Most people probably consider Satanism and black magic to be one and the same, but they're actually opposite in the sense that black magic gives people occult powers (although in the process of attaining these powers, they also attain a compulsion to use them to the detriment of mankind), and Satanism is essentially a matter of getting one's soul and body hijacked. In the latter case, the person loses what power he has, and Satan gains power by virtue of having another appendage in the physical world, to shape it as he pleases. Becoming a black magician is nothing like attending Hogwarts - each degree of initiation, at least at the time of Christ, according to insights obtained clairvoyantly by Rudolf Steiner, required the initiate to commit a human sacrifice in a specific and horrific manner.  On the other hand, an "initiation" into Satanism consists of largely free-form extreme sadism.

However, there is a functional connection between black magic and Satanism, although not necessarily a physical one, since Satan is the Devil's underling (one of his "horns," along with Lucifer), and Satanism is a sort of subsidiary of black magic.  I previously presumed that there are probably black magicians in the top ranks of organized Satanism, but I'm not so sure that this would be necessary, assuming that the top ranks consist of pod people who are tools of Satan, who serves the Devil.  Their misguided pursuit of what amounts to flushing their lives down the toilet by surrendering them to Satan, in and of itself goes a long way toward creating Hell on Earth, which is Satan's part of the 8th Sphere agenda.  (Lucifer's part is a matter of cultivating escapism, such as the creation of the drug culture in response to Vietnam. Lucifer's influence can be seen, side by side with Satan's, throughout the works attributed to Nietzsche, whose role was often that of a scribe. In fact, Steiner indicated that The Anti-Christ was entirely authored by Satan, and just written down by Nietzsche.)  Besides SRA, which is done in order to become possessed (although Satanists don't know this - they're fed all kinds of cover stories), there's also the predatory activity of the Satanic being that effectively takes over as a result of possession.

Actual Satanism consists of groups of people whose primary qualification is good bodies - the type which make the best tools for Satan - who are convinced that they are superior in all ways (as reflected in Satan/Nietzsche's writings on the Superman). Their presumed superiority might include some sort of supposed genetically-based mystical ability, which exists despite a supposed lack of a spiritual realm [1] like Isaac Newton's bizarre "action at a distance." (Newton was apparently involved in the Venetian counterfeit version of Rosicrucianism, or some "black magic" variant.  The original Rosicrucianism was a genuine Mystery teaching, i.e. real occultism with real initiates, and very secretive.)

Another aspect aspect of organized Satanism is its stranglehold over many aspects of the legitimate economy (such as apartment management, which allows them to arrange for their fellow Satanists to inflict SRA in the form of sleep deprivation on their tenants, to an extent that would be classified as torture by the Geneva Conventions), resulting from decades or even centuries of doing whatever it takes, to drive competitors out of business or to relieve people of their money. (The "war on drugs" is an example of this - the British oligarchy's Mob division is allowed to traffic in drugs, but the low-level dealers and users are persecuted, and are typically subjected to SRA in prison.) In some areas, it's a prerequisite to be a Satanist to get a job, unless it's one that requires specialized skills which no member has.

One of the ways which organized Satanism uses to preserve its secrecy is to create layers of front-groups.  Its deepest, darkest secret is the fact that it's intended to lead people into becoming possessed, and even those who become possessed aren't aware that they are, although they might experience "missing time," and realize at the end of their lives that they've had a "missing life."

In ancient times, before people attained free will, they were puppets of the progressive spiritual hierarchy.  Consequently, Satanism  can be seen as a sort of attempt to turn the clock back to the "good old days" before free will existed. Dionysian activity originated as a means to revive this ancient mode of consciousness when it began to fade and mankind felt abandoned by the gods. (Prof. Julian Jaynes provides evidence of this, from a Darwinian perspective, in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.)  In modern times, Dionysian activity is intended to elicit an "introductory" form of Satanic possession.  So, Satanism is a sort of "back to the Borg" movement, although the original "Borg" was good, and the modern version is evil.  Note that "the Borg" converts to 33 42, or 6 6.  Because of this need to conceal this hideous goal, organized Satanism puts on fronts even for its members. The only "people" who know the truth are the pod people, and they'll say whatever they have to say to lure more people into their trap.

So, Satanism feeds its members layer upon layer of false reasons for the activities they are required to perform.  It feeds the public other types of lies, partly so that the members will feel like they have an inside track.

It also surrounds itself with hordes of clueless, well-intentioned people, such as people who are curious about occultism and are drawn to one of Satanism's occult-flavored-BS fronts such as Magick or Wicca (the latter of which also uses Crowley as a reference, among other Satanic BS-artists). To someone who has been exposed to actual Mystery teachings, these parodies are pathetic.

The purpose of the members of these fronts is to serve as a smokescreen and as abuse victims for the "inner circle," i.e. actual Satanists who are involved in "Dionysian" activity (abandonment to one's lowest impulses) or SRA (repetitious gratuitous cruelty), and of course lying at every opportunity, which being part of the "inner circle" provides them with many opportunies to do. Actually, lying is a form of cruelty.  Scientology, created by Crowley associate L. Ron Hubbard, is one of the more pernicious of these front-groups.  There are credible reports that some Scientologists are enslaved and physically abused by their "superiors."

These smokescreen/victim groups don't necessarily have an "occult" flavor to them - I know of such groups which have a "Christian" flavor - i.e. Promise Keepers.  In fact, Fundamentalist religions in general are such smokescreen/victim groups, although when they're as large as Fundamentalist "Christianity," they serve other functions, such as a fantasy-based political movement for electing Nazis who have a "Christian" veneer.  Mormonism is essentially the same thing.  It almost seems that major religions were designed to drive young people into the arms of organized Satanism (disguised as Darwinism, Nietzscheanism/Dionysianism, "the occult," etc.) in revolt against certain religious teachings, such as the one about being guilty of adultery for just thinking about someone in a sexual manner. If that were true, the vast majority of mankind would be headed toward "Hell" (which doesn't really exist, although truly evil people will feel like it does when they get to the other side).  After all, the gods (specifically, Jahve/Jehovah, who is associated with the Moon) gave us our sexual drives.  If someone responds to their sex drive in a manner that hurts people, then it becomes sinful.  When used to inculcate Satanic possession, it becomes one of the worst evils.  But just looking at an attractive person and feeling sexually attracted?  Maybe it's a sin to someone who aspires to be a saint, but for most people, it's a part of life.  When combined with love, it's a beautiful thing.

Members of these smokescreen/victim groups who can be led into quasi-Dionysian activity, such as by abandoning themselves to their impulses of anger or aggression to be a "manly Christian," are led into Satanism step by step, in such a manner that the "recruit" is always convinced that there is a good reason for the next step.  However, if a "Christian" becomes possessed in the "initial" form ("Jupiter man") as a result of this "manly" activity, I imagine that he is then brought into a hidden group within the outer group, and perhaps then goes on "Christian" missions to third-world countries where they engage in SRA.  But since this inner group would be very secretive, I have no way of knowing exactly what happens, so I can only speculate.

As usual, I'll probably start realizing that I left some things out, starting a couple of seconds after publishing this.  So, I'll create a category entitled Theory of Satanism in my blog, and put these additional thoughts in this category.


[1] I.e. astral projection taught as a non-spiritual phenomenon, which I suspect is the essence of witchcraft (note that the most common depiction of a witch is one flying a broom, i.e. "astral traveling," which I gather they understand to be entirely within their mind, through some strange process). Astral projection is not strictly "occult," since it is a latent ability within each of us, and it can be developed with publicly-available information and perseverance. However, I assume that organized Satanism strives to keep it for itself, by keeping various development-techniques to itself, and spreading disinformation.

Their fixation on "magical" numbers is also an indication of this belief in mystical yet physical abilities, as if astral projection is similar to a mathematical operation, a byproduct of their physical brains.